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Update December 8, 2009 December 9, 2009

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Here’s the update for the week:
Thursday the PTO holiday boutique is open for students to purchase gifts.  They went to the boutique for a preview yesterday, so they were able to view the products and make their shopping lists. Shopping day is tomorrow.
The PTO is selling sweatshirts to ward off the chill on these cold mornings.  They can be purchased online at  www.centennialPTO.com.
Next Friday (12/18) we are having a holiday party.  Click on the words “Christama Party Flier09” below for the details. 

Both 4th and 5th are working on Disney’s Planet Challenge.  Each grade brainstormed ideas on what they could do to help the environment. 
The 5th grade decided to build a butterfly garden.  They are in the process of designing a presentation to the Mrs. Ybarra for approval.  Other groups are designing the garden, researching the flora and fauna that will attract the butterflies, determining who are the local experts in the area of butterflies, researching the sprinkler system that will be necessary to keep the garden self-sustaining and many other tasks.  If this project is approved, I will need your help.
The 4th grade has not yet come to consensus with their project, but they have narrowed it down to two areas.  The first is to design and build habitats for endangered animals –most likely the spotted owl.  The second idea is to design and implement an e-waste program (for the school, the district or the town).  E-waste is any electronic item that gets thrown away.  They are working on designing their e-audits for your home and the school.  They are also working on presentations for the principal to help decide which of these two worthy projects they would like to undertake.  With approval, I will be looking to you for help and expertise.
The 5th grader’s math is mastery of integers – and that is occurring at a furious pace.  I am impressed with how quickly they have gasped the concept of negative number and how well they are doing at integer operations.  I have You Tube videos available on this topic if they need a refresher at home.  (You Tube username is nancyfootehigley.)
The 4th grade is learning alternative ways to multiply, how to display data and they are working on factoring. 
Just a reminder that on Monday, the Monday Math Challenge is on my website (and the kids get bonus points for answering the questions correctly).  On Wednesday I post an Engineering Challenge — also for bonus points.
On top of all of that, we are twittering (nancyfootehigle), making podcasts (on Teacher Tube – username is nancyfootehigely), and coming home exhausted but exhilarated and happy every day (at least I feel that way!).
I am honored to be able to spend my day with your amazing children.  Thanks!



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