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Wednesday Engineering Challenge November 18, 2009

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Use the following materials ONLY:

5 pennies

2 rulers

3 sheets of printer paper (8.5 x 11 inches each)

2 pieces of masking tape — each 3 inches long

You have 5 minutes to create the tallest free-standing tower that you can.

When time is up, measure your tower and snap a picture of it.  Email the picture to me by noon on Saturday to earn bonus points.  The tallest tower wins extra bonus points.

If you want to learn more about skyscrapers, click here and here.


Tuesday 11-17 November 17, 2009

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4th grade continues to grow radishes and explore tropisms.  In math, they are graphing and have a graphing challenge today.  To get the grid that we used in class today, click on the word “grid” below.

The 5th grade students are working on their presentations for their patients.  In math they are measuring angles, and their homework is to draw a trianlge that has the largest sum when you add all three angles together.






5th grade geometry challenge November 16, 2009

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The 5th graders are studying angles.  Their challenge is to find a 5-letter word that has the highest value when you use the following key:

acute angles are worth 6 cents

obtuse angles are worth 8 cents

right angles are worth 5 cents

vertical lines are worth 3 cents

horizontal lines are worth 4 cents

The students must use the alphabet as printed on the handout they received in school today.

5th grade math homework November 16, 2009

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Grade 5 homework due 11/20.  week 13 grade 5 page 1

5th Grade Medical Clinics November 16, 2009

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The 5th grade medical clinics will be getting their first patients Monday, November 16.

The students will be given code cards.  These cards will describe the patient, the symptoms, and the diagnosis.  The students in the clinic will research the problem and answer the accompanying questions so that they can restore health to the patient.

They will present their findings during Grand Rounds (I guess I have been watching Grey’s Anatomy too much).  This presentation requires a presentation board and an oral presentation.

I’m looking forward to Grand Rounds.

November 6, 2009 November 13, 2009

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It’s been a busy week for the 4th and 5th graders at Centennial.

American Math Challenge has been the math focus of the week — with the kids eagerly practicing their basic math facts.  In addition to the one-to-one challenges, there are lessons and activities for the students to work on.  This Challenge comes to an end Sunday but I know we look forward to the challenge next year.

The 4th grade Green Thumb project is moving along nicely.  Their radishes are getting huge!  Ask your child what happens when you try to grow a radish in the dark — and how that accommodation helps it survive.  Check to see if they know what phototropism is.  They should know.

The 5th grade medical center was on hiatis this week, but will return next week with the students getting patients to diagnose.  One patient is a child who is injured when he did not wear a bike helmet.  I will be reading the book  Mick Harte was Here to the students.  The author is Barbara Park and she is a very talented author.  The book is about the consequences of not wearing a bike helmet.  I am sure that the children will enjoy this and learn from it.

Thanks for all of your well wishes on the birth of my granddaughter Savannah.  She is my 8th grandchild (the 6th girl) and we are delighted and proud.  She is health and happy and came home from the hospital today.


  • We are still collecting coins and cans to benefit the less fortunate.  Thank you for your support.  Please continue to send coins and cans in to school.
  • 5th grade is particiapting in a cookie dough sale.  Orders are due November 18th.
  • Wednesday, November 18th is an early release day.  School ends at 1:35.

Please let me know if you have any questions or comments.

Welcome to the new blog! October 30, 2009

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Welcome to my new blog. This blog is for parents, students and friends of my self-contained gifted classes.  I hope that you will find it helpful and interesting.